Electric Stapler

Remember when you were in school and you had to use the stapler to keep papers together? It would get clogged, or jammed up. It might even be hard to push down because it was old. Or how about trying to staple more than 10 pages together at one time, yet the staple won’t go through all those pages? Those were the days right? Well, today we are lucky that we have electric staplers at our disposal. There are many different brands of electric stapler and some are heavy duty enough to punch through 20 or more pages at one time.

One brand that has been around for quite a few years is the Stanley brand electric staple gun. This is a great American company that has made many of products that people use around the home for decades. They have quite a few electric staplers on the market today. They have a heavy duty stapler that is rated as being able to staple up to 20 pages at one time. It is sleek, stylish and comes in a couple different colors. This electric stapler can staple 3 times faster than a typical stapler and has a reasonable cost. Plus you can find it at office supplies stores around town, making it very easy to get. It has some bad reviews on jamming when trying to get closer to 20 pages.

The best electric stapler on the market, going by reviews from those that have used them is the Swingline 48209 Optima Electric Desk Stapler. It is rated four and half stars out of five stars and you can get it for only under $50 online. It is able to staple up to 45 pages at one time, and has a reputation of being jam-resistant. There is some complaints about this electric stapler about how its spring inside breaks easily. However, these users were using it 80 times a week, and stapling about 40 groups or more of thick-bound pages. Out of over a 100 electric stapler reviews, it is rated number 1 at a couple different review sites that had 50 different brands for its members to review. If you are in the market for an electric stapler, and would like a great one; Swingline is the brand you might want to check out. Highest rated among its competitors and is priced at a decent price online.

Truly, the rise of electric stapler has modernized the way offices and homes manage their daily business. They have allowed people to go from being able to staple 10 or fewer pages together, to being able to staple together whole business contracts of 30 pages or more. They are economical, and can be found in many of the office retail stores found in any strip mall in your town. You can also purchase them at the big box stores and even wholesale clubs.

Hence, there is no reason to struggle stapling together your documents when there are so many different brands out there of electric stapler that offers you great quality at a decent price.